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Over the last several years my goal has been to bring in wines you might not find elsewhere that may push you outside of your comfort zone and intrigue you to try something different. We are, in comparison with many other dinning establishments, a small restaurant and while our wine sales are growing we could not support a large wine list of wines.

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Posted on May 11, by Robert Bryndza After what seemed like an endless winter, spring arrived in Slovakia a couple of weeks ago, and a week later, summer.

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Just over six weeks ago, the lake in the park where we take our dogs was frozen, and the ice was thick enough to walk on. You might already know from my social media posts that we have two dogs.

write a blog tipsy

Ricky boy and Lola girl. They are father and daughter. And today was that time! Then after I separated them, he seemed to think my leg was equally desirable. Just as I seemed to get them settled, and I picked up my laptop, Lola decided that despite being toilet trained, she would prance in front of me and pee all over the rug.

There is a huge old sheepskin rug in my office, which is a little bit tatty, but very cosy. I got up to clean it, but it was a huge pee, and a hot day, so I decided to put the rug in the washing machine.

write a blog tipsy

I have done this once before and it came out beautifully clean and I thought it would dry quickly in the hot weather. I picked up the laptop again, but within a few minutes the washing machine was making a horrible low growling noise and then it died.

I managed to get the door open and the rug out, but it was dripping wet and covered in foam, so I lugged it into our small garden, draped it over the washing line, and started to wash off the foam with the hose.

I now had dog crap all over my hands and down the front of my clothes. I came back inside to clean it off and found that the washing machine had regurgitated dirty water all over the floor.

By the time I got everything cleaned up, Ricky was back to his crazed humping. I had ordered a new suitcase. Cue more barking jumping and then Ricky started to hump the new suitcase.

I got the dogs settled again, and again picked up the laptop… Then there was a test of the nuclear warning sirens. It is incredibly loud, as I suppose a nuclear warning should be, and comes from several hundred speakers dotted around the town, and the test lasts for a good minute.

The dogs went ballistic, barking and spinning and then the automated voice kicked in, echoing around the town and off the hills opposite. All this had made me hungry, so I gave up trying to write and had lunch. The dogs are now asleep, and it has started to rain, so I thought I would write this blog post.

I was lucky enough to visit New York last week. I loved it, but it was freezing cold. I remember long icicles hanging off fire escapes, piles of blackening snow at the roadside, and steam rising from the drains.

A view of Central Park at 6am awake due to jet lag! It was wonderful to meet everyone, and I also got to meet my agent, Amy, for the first time. We have been talking on the phone for the past year and a half, but it was great to finally meet face to face.The blog began as a way to write about my huge cookbook collection and fascination with cookbooks.

My texting conversations with friends usually run all over the map, but this weekend they were 99% about Aziz Ansari Have you been following the story too? Over the weekend, a year-old photographer writing under the pseudonym Grace told her story about going on a date with Aziz, which was.

Posted by mike on 2nd Jan This is a great print for anyone male or female. I bought it for a female & put it in a red frame she loved it!

5. November has been designated National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month. 6. November is National Pomegranate Month in the USA.

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They charge a $5 cover, assuming on weekends only. This is my 2nd time here and first time exploring all three levels. Loved the bottom floor - it's a super dance party down there. I. This blog is about figuring it out for myself along the way and having a fun, anxiety-free time doing it.

And so far, I think I’m doing OK. You can find me on Instagram as .

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