Voip case study tcf financial corp

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Voip case study tcf financial corp

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The CyberTech platform captures both inbound and outbound call traffic, which averages 26, calls per month, for quality control, staff development, daily assessment of levels of service, verification, compliance and dispute resolution purposes.

The CyberTech recorder has already delivered significant business benefits to Catalyst in all of the identified areas and most valuably it has helped in creating a stronger and more compelling business proposition for prospective customers and new business tendering opportunities.

As the sole supplier of inbound and outbound customer service calls, customer billing, payment processing, document imaging, debt recovery and collections, and Internet services — 24 x 7 x — to Yorkshire Water, Loop is continually looking for new ways to improve its customer service levels.

To provide more personalised service and improve the quality of customer interactions and service delivery, it sought an even greater understanding of customer needs. Loop particularly felt that the ability to capture, retrieve, evaluate, and analyse each individual customer interaction was an increasing priority.

The company decided to implement an innovative compliance recording and quality monitoring solution. Quality monitoring was seen as a critical element and an integral part of a broader workforce optimisation approach.

The key criteria driving the decision-making process were cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and the ability to implement the solution quickly.

Law Firms Goldsmith Williams Law firm Goldsmith Williams has long recognised the virtue of call recording, primarily for compliance, training and monitoring purposes and, in some Voip case study tcf financial corp, dispute resolution, but especially for enhancing its service to its clients.

Initially Goldsmith Williams had installed a basic, DVD-based system, which, while it served the purpose of recording all calls into and out of their premises, was cumbersome to use, and time-consuming to obtain copies of recorded calls. They then upgraded to an off-line facility where calls were recorded and archived to an off-line data storage provider, via a web portal.

With the growth in operating remotely, use of the internet, email, and telephone, Goldsmith Williams re-evaluated their voice recording provision.

It was decided to invest in an up-to-date, state-of-the-art system that would not only satisfy existing legal requirements, but offer enhanced capabilities to future-proof the solution.

Having evaluated the market, a CyberTech Pro call recording platform was selected and configured. Outsourcers Prolog Connect As the contact centre arm of an outsourced customer relationship management business, Prolog Connect has to win new, and retain existing business by virtue of the professionalism of its contact centre agents.

They are called upon to have the flexibility to take on new challenges on a regular basis, one day representing one client organisation, and the next day, another.

In effect, many agents, even experienced ones, spend a lot of their time in the learning curve.

TCF Bank Raises Prime Rate to Percent

Traditionally, agent performance is monitored and improved by use of quality assessment and training. After the training, further voice recordings can be scrutinised to confirm that performance has improved.

Voip case study tcf financial corp

However, this approach means that the agent is under-performing during the whole cycle, until the training has occurred. Recognising that they wished to coach their agents, but do it effectively, Prolog Connect identified SmartCC as a solution they wished to pursue.

Outsourced contact centres such as Vertex are being asked by their clients to perform to the same or higher standard of quality of service as in-house contact centres.

Emergency Services Northamptonshire Police In common with other police services, Northamptonshire Police Force Communications Centre has an ongoing need to recruit and train call handlers. The training is provided in a training centre by experienced trainers, during which time the trainees are gradually up-skilled in the various aspects of this demanding job.

Eventually, when they have shown themselves ready to take live calls from the public, the trainees move out of the training area and onto the main communications centre floor.

Formerly, to ensure that the service to the public was never compromised, each trainee was put under the wing of an experienced call handler. These mentors would temporarily cease to fulfil their normal role in the communications centre and devote their time to guiding the trainees through all their activities, and were always on hand to take over a call, should trainees find themselves out of their depth.

At the end of this induction, which normally took around six months, the call handler was considered fully fledged and capable of taking the majority of calls without assistance.

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However, because this process was time consuming and involved the use of many experienced call handlers, it was very expensive. Moreover, since the experienced call handlers had different strengths and weaknesses, the mentoring that the trainees received also lacked consistency.

In an 8-position SmartCC system was installed in the training room.Call Recording Case Studies Financial Services Brewin Dolphin.

Brewin Dolphin has installed a multi-site compliance recording for its UK network of some investment managers and advisors. VoIP (Voice over IP) is a term used in IP telephony for a set of facilities for managing the delivery of voice information using the Internet Protocol (IP).

TCF National Bank is a subsidiary of TCF Financial Corporation (NYSE: TCB), a Wayzata, Minnesota-based national bank holding company with $ billion in total assets. TCF has branches in Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, Indiana, Arizona and South Dakota, providing retail and commercial banking services. Call Recording Case Studies Financial Services Brewin Dolphin. Brewin Dolphin has installed a multi-site compliance recording for its UK network of some investment managers and advisors. TCF, TCF Bank and the TCF logos are trademarks owned by TCF Financial Corporation. Other featured words used on the Site to identify the source of goods and services are trademarks owned by TCF Financial Corporation or third parties.

Case study: TCF Financial Corp. (srmvision.com) Case study: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Reuters, the news and media division of Thomson Reuters, is the world’s largest international multimedia news provider reaching more than one billion people every srmvision.coms provides trusted.

VoIP case study: TCF Financial Corp. One financial institution is breaking down the barriers of reality and going virtual with multi-site VoIP. Continue Reading. June 23, 23 Jun'05 Know thyself: Online branding tells all. A Forrester Research survey grades and analyzes 16 leading American-brand Web sites, with surprising results.

Continue. Small IFA firms whose advisers charge different fees may be in breach of the FSA's treating customers fairly (TCF) principles.

Data Analytics - Financial Crime, London. Oliver James Associates have been instructed by the London-based tier one client to assist in the recruitment of financial crime data analytics professionals.

TCF Bank Case Study