Truck trader paper

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Truck trader paper

On the nature of our digital economies Posted on July 1, by yanis Following my previous post on the calculation of arbitrage opportunities and relative prices in the TF2 economy, I received many messages making more or less the same, terribly apt, point: What does this mean?

And why is it important for our research into the size and nature of the Steam economy?

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Or to indulge in gift exchanges with them. My immediate answer is to acknowledge their point and to answer that we are doing our best to leave out of our computations exchange ratios that are clearly economically senseless.

Nevertheless, my main rejoinder here is that, while I acknowledge the point, …such is economic life! Why would, or should, digital economies be any different?


These thoughts led me Truck trader paper a more general, almost philosophical, consideration. If he meant the sort of exchanges that occur in a stock exchange or in some anonymous marketplace including your local supermarketthen Smith was profoundly wrong: Multi-person as opposed to Robinson Crusoe-like economic activity began life, both among animals and humans, on the basis of fully socialised reciprocity.

Exchanges are never of the purely market sort envisioned by economic theorists and free market enthusiasts see Section 2. Thus, the idea that our economic history can be understood in terms of some natural instinct for pure market trades is, at least for me, false.

In this blog post I present my tentative conclusions on this question.

Truck trader paper

But first, let us look carefully at both sides of the argument about the nature of economic activity and the meaning of exchange. If not barter and exchanges, what was the essence of human economic activity before, that is, multiplayer computer games came along?

Truck trader paper

Smith presupposed that humans, from a very early stage, based their economic activity on trade. He imagined that pre-historic hunters, gatherers and shepherds would gather together, or meet in pairs, and indulge in exchanges of arrowheads for tanned leather or of rabbits for chunks of stag meat.

While this story is nicely satisfying, it is most probably factually wrong. Anthropologists of note have demonstrated that the evidence points to another evolutionary process that yielded money. Take for instance the first archaeological evidence of accounting books, dating to BC and unearthed in Mesopotamia contemporary Iraq.

They come in the form of tablets on which ancient accountants had painstakingly carved a log of who owed what to whom, of how much grain each resident within some temple jurisdiction had stored at the communal warehouse, of how much barley was owed to those working in the temple. What is beguiling is that the unit of account often took the form of silver coins that, in fact, did not even circulate or had not even been minted.

No, what set us on a course to modern societies were social conventions of production and distribution based on hierarchies, obligations, social norms that determined individual and caste entitlements and, of course, organised violence.

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