Toefl essay useful phrases

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Toefl essay useful phrases

Toefl essay useful phrases

This way, you can make several important inferences from TOEFL writing assignments that will help you understand the requirements to academic writing and, thus, success with essay writing once you are admitted. An independent essay is the one where you have to take a position and argue for it.

At university, this type of writing will be called an argumentative essay. Basically, you have to learn to structure an essay into the following necessary components: An integrated essay is the one where you have to compare and contrast the divergent opinions of two experts on one point.

The key to success here is to construct an essay with an introduction presenting a topic and the two opposing views on it, and three body paragraphs each giving details about two matching arguments. The conclusion for this type of writing task is not necessary. Use academic language This means grammatical correctness, no contractions, demonstration of a wide range of vocabulary to avoid repetitions, the variety of sentence structure types Toefl essay useful phrases intermixture of simple and compound sentences longer than 7 and shorter than 60 wordsno colloquial phrases, appropriate use of conjunctions and discourse phrases this is especially important for TOEFL essays, as an e-grader searches for these and automatically determines large proportion of your score!

Nevertheless, in each case you have to express one clear view and build your essay around it.


This means you cannot write different views are equally good or present arguments in favor of two statements. You need to take one side! Not taking one side will also be a grave mistake when writing an argumentative essay at college or university and you can actually receive zero for such assay.

Structure your essay Make sure your essay has an introduction containing a thesis statement your positionbody paragraphs beginning with topic sentences, and a conclusion it is only recommended to omit it in the TOEFL integrated essay as it takes time but brings no points here.

There should be logical transitions both between these elements and within them. An introduction and a conclusion should be neither too short nor too long. For a TOEFL independent essay, the best variant is a three-sentence introduction a hook, a thesis statement, a transitional sentence and two-three-sentence conclusion restatement of a central point and the summary of the reasons.

Sustain your position In an independent essay and in academic writing, you have to strive for several but well developed ideas. For TOEFL essays, two body paragraphs presenting two reasons works best for you may not have enough time to write and proofread three well-developed paragraphs.

At college, the ideal is a five-paragraph essay, that is the one having three body paragraphs presenting three supporting points. Do not retell This relates to working with texts or any other type of sources.

You have to analyze a source and use only the information you need to support the point you make. Retelling is a far too common mistake when an essay lacks structure. What I mean is that taking several texts on the topic and retelling them is not the way to write essays.

For example, forgetting about the necessary structure, a TOEFL-taker may just retell the text and then the lecture, which will be nothing close to an integrated essay.

The same way, students may just find several sources on the essay question and retell them giving much unnecessary information or repeating the claims which have already been made.

On the other hand, if students think about the right structure first, they are less likely to make such errors. So… the takeaway message is: Never ever rewrite from the source TOEFL-takers might have been informed that they cannot simply rewrite the point from the text or the lecture word-for-word.

They have to paraphrase the idea, to tell the same thing in other words. This is how TOEFL essay writing prepares you to avoid plagiarism, which is a forbidden fruit in the garden of academic writing. Remember, indication of author does not make an essay plagiarism free.Essays useful phrases in cherokee.

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Perfect Phrases forthe TOEFL Speaking and Writing Sections Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases to Improve Your Conversational Ability, Develop Your Writing Skills,and.

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Toefl essay useful phrases

Write down words and phrases that are related to your topic. 4. All About TOEFL Writing OVERVIEW • The TOEFL essay • The independent writing task of the TOEFL ibt • Summing it up THE TOEFL ESSAY An essay is a short literary composition on a single subject that usually.

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