The world without rules essay help

There would be nothing to compare it to. Imagine there being no consequence for murder or rape. How many scorned people are out there plotting revenge on people, but never act on their thoughts because they fear the repercutions of their actions?

The world without rules essay help

The Environment A world without law is almost unimaginable. How would a world be if there were no laws, boundaries, or limits?

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Laws are needed for order; they help to keep people controlled but still able to live a life of freedom. Laws are also necessary for the safety of citizens, without laws murder and violence cannot be contained.

The balance between right and wrong is kept with laws, it helps people know what is right and learn from what is wrong. However, a world without this balance, control and safety could be dangerous and chaotic for many reasons.

The World Without Rules Essay Help

Living in a world without laws would be like living in a world with no rules or boundaries, one where everyone is very independent because there are so many potential threats.

For example, since there are no laws against killing or physical assault everyone will carry a gun or a weapon and would not hesitate to use it.

With no law and order, no one will need to go to work, meaning that no one will have to earn money in order to have funds available to purchase goods. Without this high demand for money, citizens will no longer work towards having an abundance of money, but to have access to an abundance of resources, both natural clean water and man made electricity.

Someone with access to electricity will be more powerful than someone who has large sums of money. Due to this change in dominance from wealth to resources our society will downgrade itself. Laws create a more efficient and beneficial society, whether it is because of education being a priority, or because of laws being guidelines to creating a more advanced way of living.

the world without rules essay help

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a world without rules. Topics: Thought, individuals trying to shut off the rest of the world and the help of others an individual's attitude will change as they enter the world.

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You may have to work on an assigned essay for class, enter an essay contest or write essays for college 73%(). Nov 03,  · If there weren't any cons to consider, people would act on whatever thought they had without considering the repercutions, because frankly, there would be none.

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This essay is designed to make students think what the world (or school) would be like without a concrete set of rules/laws. Students are always asking to have no rules, but do they ever stop to think about what that would really be like?

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