Presents from my aunts in pakistan essay

This is a poem about confused identity, and the pain and confusion that being of mixed race — and living in a different culture — can cause. She recalls stories of coming to England from Pakistan, and she remembers reading news of the war in Pakistan, and looking at pictures of Lahore. She could see the beauty of Pakistani things such as the mirror-work, but there were many things about Pakistani that she disapproved of much of Pakistani culture — for instance the war, and the beggars and sweeper girls, and the Muslim women forced to stayed in the harem.

Presents from my aunts in pakistan essay

The variety of clothes and their colours and textured are recalled quite affectionately. But glass bangle, which draws blood, is symbol of how tradition harms the poet because it is not practical for the active life of a young woman in the west. She also feels slightly intimidated by the gorgeous clothes saying she: She wants the camel skin lamp, but also feels that it was cruel.

This shows that she is both attracted and repelled by aspects of Pakistani culture. There is both the misery and the beauty, and she does know which affects her more powerfully. Poetry task Essay The last third of the poem explores how she came to England from Pakistan, how she ended up with her English grandmother.

The poem uses a lot of visual detail to make us see the brightness and colour of Pakistan. This use of visual detail is appropriate in a poem about how someone sees them self.

The structure of the poem is irregular, with lines starting at different places, and being of different lengths which also links into the sense of her lack of a nationality, the idea of not knowing where she is going and how long she may be there.

The use of the free verse effect in this poem helps to portray her sincerity in her words, she tells it how it is and such is the structure of the poem.

Presents from my aunts in pakistan essay

The lack of any particular rhythm or rhyming scheme within the poem helps to show the idea that there is no set course in her life, no specific direction she is going, it is unpredictable. Living within the English culture whilst having so much of her Pakistani culture as part of her history and main nationality, the presents from her aunts acting as reminders and complications, she finds them to be beautiful and extravagant yet awkward and uncomfortable.

Choose Type of service.Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan tells us where she comes from whereas Search for My Tongue don’t tell us where she came from and leaves it a mystery.

Presents from my aunts in pakistan essay

The words used in the poem Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan are more vibrant than words used in the poem Search for My tongue. “Presents From My Aunts in Pakistan” and “Search For My Tongue” Essay Sample Personality, appearance and where we stand in life all make up our identity.

The country that we grew up in can also have a very strong effect on our identity. The poems-'Search for My tongue' and 'Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan'- are similar in some ways, but different in others. This essay will compare the two cultures, and the similarities and differences.

Moniza Alvi's Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan - Moniza Alvi's Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan Moniza Alvi was born in Lahore, in Pakistan, the daughter of a Pakistani father and an English mother. The poem ‘Presents from my aunts in Pakistan’ is again based on the confusing between mixed nationalities.

The poem is an autobiography and is written by a poet called Moniza Alvi. Moniza Alvi originates from Pakistan but immigrated to England as a child.

A Comparison of Two Poems Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan by Moniza Alvi and Search for my Tongue by Sujata Bhatt In this essay, I will be showing you how the writers use their own poetic devices within their work to their advantage and how the poets have .

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