History of american literature essay

American Renaissance The authors who began to come to prominence in the s and were active until about the end of the Civil War—the humorists, the classic New Englanders, Herman Melville, Walt Whitman, and others—did their work in a new spirit, and their achievements were of a new sort. In part it was because, in this Romantic period of emphasis upon native scenes and characters in many literatures, they put much of America into their books. Particularly full of vivid touches were the writings of two groups of American humorists whose works appeared between and

History of american literature essay

A History of the United States came out this year Norton and Company, teachers will be drawn to it as a source for developing lesson plans. As regular readers of American Indians in Children's Literature know, I will occasionally take a look at books marketed to adults because I think teachers might use them.

I cannot recommend Lepore's book. Here's why I cannot recommend it. Lepore is an acclaimed historian, but when I got to page 23 and read what she wrote about Zuni, I hit the pause button right away. She wrote yellow highlights are mine: In what is now New Mexico, they found a hive on baked-clay apartment houses, the kind of town the Spanish took to calling a pueblo.

Dutifully, Coronado had the Requerimiento read aloud. The Zuni listened to a man speaking a language they could not possibly understand. Some people use "hive" to characterize a state of History of american literature essay but Lepore uses it to refer to the construction style of Native homes.

Others have done it, too. For hundreds of years, white people have written about Native people in ways that overtly and subtly denigrate us, casting us as inferior.

We were not, and it is wrong that such words continue to be used. Then, this acclaimed historian uses a problematic quote! Let's take a close look at "They wore coats of iron I looked at his book.

He has it as an epigraph for chapter one, and cites "Zuni tradition" see the screen cap to the right. Lepore is a professor, teaching students how to become historians.

When I was a professor in American Indian Studies, it was important to me that students learn that they must be critical of sources they used in their studies.

Presumably, Lepore saw Weber's source when she chose to use it for her book. Did she think "Zuni tradition" was sufficient? With the internet, it is simple enough to figure out sources. Here's a screen capture of that passage purple highlight is mine: On the previous page, Lowery tells us his source: Cushing--acclaimed by some--is far from a reliable source of Zuni history.

He misrepresented them in his writings so much that his name is still spoken there, with derision. In the early s, Zuni cartoonist Phil Hughte did a series of paintings about Cushing.

They were published in book format in by Zuni's publishing company, Zuni A: Lowery failed in using Cushing as a source.

Weber failed in using Lowery as a source. And Jill Lepore failed in using Weber as a source. I'm spelling that out--in that way--because it is important that teachers and professors take care in the sources they use then writing or teaching students. It is important to see how errors get recycled.

And, it is especially troubling to see Lepore replicating this error, in ! Integrity of research is important.The free online encyclopedia of Washington state history.

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History of american literature essay

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