Hexagon paper punch

I know that title is a little long, but I needed to get it all in!

Hexagon paper punch

First, download the hexagon template you want to use.

Hexagon paper punch

Cut out your shape — you really only need one or two. I made the template sheets for people who need lots for English paper-piecing. Place two trimmed hexagons right sides together and stick pins through two corners. Two pins — one at each end of one side of the hexes — is the easiest way to get a good match.

Thread your needle, and put a knot in one end. Use the knot to anchor one more corner together — this will be your starting point. I like to start and stop with a tiny back stitch at each corner when sewing these hexes together, just to make the intersections stronger.

Pushing your needle up and down in a running stitch, sew right along your pencil lines. As you get to the end of your side, remove the pin to get it out of your way.

Sew your running stitch all the way to the next corner.


Once there, sew a small back stitch to secure the corner. Be careful not to pull your thread tight — it will gather your hexes. You can add it anywhere, but for this tutorial, I just kept moving to the right. Open your first two hexes and line your third hex up right sides together with your second hex.

Use a pin in the corner to keep them lined up. After a quick back stitch through the second and third hex, to both join them and secure the intersection, continue your running stitch to the next corner. You can do a back stitch and tie a small knot and cut your thread, or you can do a back stitch and sew a few stitches to run the thread back to the center.

I do the latter…it may be laziness, but I try to see how far I can get without ever cutting the thread. Use the same method of lining up hex one and three, right sides together, and securing the outside corners with a pin. Sew with a running stitch toward your pin.

I guess you could just keep going and going until you make a whole quilt, but that is a little ambitious for me. I hope it helps someone.Feb 22,  · Thanks Hart, I might have to buy them if I cant find a punch.

I thought it would be easy enough for me to find one but they seem to only sell them in the US. Are the plastic templates for actually cutting the fabric or for cutting bits of paper. Well, {stretching fingers} I've been doing some online shopping & I have a new toy - a Stampin' Up hexagon paper punch (feeling giddy).

So, after punching out shapes from a paper pack from Basic Grey, I made some simple cards.

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Use the Fiskars Squeeze Punch Medium Hexagon when doing any type of paper crafting! Punch features ergonomic handles that awarded it the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use srmvision.coms: Fabulous tip!

Hexagon paper punch

I have a hard time centering the square punch on the paper when making a flag. Looks like the paper will be easier to line up with the hexagon punch. Click for Regular Store Hours, Map & Calendar. Join us on Social Media for updates on specials, new items and events. This revolutionary punch needs very little manpower.

Just one little squeeze punches through anything from copy paper to heavy cardstock. Punch measures /2 x /4in when open to squeeze.

Welcome To My Periwinkle Corner: CAS hexagon shaped paper punches