Environmental risk assessment essay

Environmental risk assessment for veterinary medicinal products ABSTRACT This report investigates the validity of exposure and distribution models for soil, groundwater and surface water for the environmental risk assessment ERA of veterinary medicinal products VMPs at registration.

Environmental risk assessment essay

What are the five stages of risk likelihood? Briefly describe each one. Rare — highly unlikely, it could happen, but probably never will. Unlikely — there is a slight possibility that it could happen at some time. Possible — the event might occur at some time 4. Likely — there is a strong possibility that the event will occur 5.

Almost certain — the event is expected to occur 4. List and give an example description for each of the five levels of consequence for risk. Insignificant — minimal or no consequence, may be as simple as basic first aid needed, public awareness may exist, but there is no public concern.

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Minor — no serious consequence, breach of internal procedures, news in local media 3. Major — Considerable consequences, breach of licence, breach of legislation, damage to reputation.

Catastrophic — Extreme consequence — death or serious injury, damage to reputation on an international level, long-term environmental damage 5. What needs should be considered when treating risk?

List and describe three treatments that could be considered. Reduce the Likelihood of the risk — this can be done by preventative maintenance, audit programs, policies and procedures, training of staff etc. Transfer the risk — this involves another party bearing or sharing some of the risk with the use of things such as contracts, insurance and outsourcing.

Avoid the risk — where practical do not proceed with any activities that may generate a risk. What should be included in a risk action plan?


Describe the key inclusions and briefly the type of information included with each inclusion. Things to be included in the risk action plan include: The risk — what is the risk in question Risk rating — what rating is given to the risk low, moderate, medium, high, extreme Treatment activity or controls — suggestions as to how the risk could be treated and controled Roles and responsibilities for those involved — who is responsible for managing the risk Timeline — basis timeline for how long it will take to contain the risk Monitoring arrangements — times for how often the risk is to be monitored 7.

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It is not specific to any one organisation and can be used by any public, private or community organisation. It only provides generic guidelines and the risk management plan of an organisation will need to take into account the specific organisation.

For each of the pieces of legislation listed, describe the intent of each and how it could impact on the process of managing risk.

Privacy law — the Privacy Act regulatates the handling of private information about individuals WHS regulations — these regulations are in place to ensure a safe work environment for all employees Contract law — is any law or regulation that has the objective to ensure that certain promises relating to a contract are kept and enforcable by law.

Name and give an example for three adjustments that can be made in the workplace to assist a person with a disability.

Environmental risk assessment essay

Providing wheelchair access to all areas of the premises adjustments to work related communications including making available information in an accessible form or format eg.

Providing all written communication in braile form for the blind.ENVIRONMENTAL RISK ASSESSMENT 2 Environmental Risk Management: Carbon Dioxide Emissions in California Carbon dioxide emissions are a major environmental issue in the region of Los Angeles, California as industry, human population, and vehicle usage are on the rise.


Risk assessment is part of risk management in which level of risk in a particular event or place is calculated. It can be quantitative and qualitative. There are calculations in quantitative risk assessment which includes magnitude of risk and probability of occurrence of the risk event.

Description: NEW TITLE! Risk Assessment: A Practical Guide to Assessing Operational Risks covers the fundamentals of risk assessment and emphasizes taking a practical approach in the application of risk assessment techniques.. Features: Written as a primer for students and employed safety professionals.

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Nov 26,  · Research proposal topics in environmental science Gaussian elimination method questions and answers pdf strategic management thesis topics does common app use turnitin growing up without parents essay renewable energy ppt slideshare functional analysis notes pdf.

32 Risk Assessment Templates in PDF The underlying purpose of a risk assessment plan is to identify hazards, make the necessary preparations and solutions, and ultimately to increase your institution’s resilience.

Environmental risk assessment is also likely to include a step specifically excluded from the NAS model, that of risk evaluation. This step has been laid down in the European legislation on new and existing substances.

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