Endangering captive exotic cats essay

As the private ownership of wild animals increases, so do the questions and debates of safety and quality of life for both the animals and the owners. Crissi Lanier A few months following the Zanesville tragedy, I began a new class for my Masters degree. As part of a major class project we had to focus on a local environmental issue and I chose to further research private exotic animal ownership. Below is the research paper that resulted out of this search and some of the shocking, and saddening, information I learned.

Endangering captive exotic cats essay

Order now Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! In at the Singapore Zoo, three white Bengal tigers attacked and mauled a zoo cleaner, Nordin bin Mondongto, to death after the man walked through a moat surrounding their enclosure.

Researchers asked themselves what would be the cause of these vicious behaviors being reported from many zoos across the globe, the answer being the harsh environment zoo animals are surrounded by.

Many people are not aware of the harsh treatment the animals endure.

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Zoos, circuses, and famous attractions like SeaWorld do not offer the best of circumstances for their animals. These uncomfortable conditions may be the cause of the hundreds of violent behaviors being reported by zoos around the world. Of course, most families enjoy taking a trip to the zoo because they offer a unique experience of encountering exotic animals.

However, people need to realize that animals are living creatures that should not be forced into show, or held behind glass walls to be gawked at. The first point that this essay will address is the simple fact that zoo owners have propaganda in mind, and not preservation. Zoos claim to want to protect species from extinction, which sounds like a noble goal, but zoo officials usually favor exotic or popular animals, rather than threatened or endangered local wildlife.

It is questionable whether the profits are being directed toward panda-conservation efforts at all. There are thought to be between 5, and 10, tigers in U. Before long, the few tigers left in the wild will wither off, and the animals in captivity will not be able to be relocated and thrive in their what-once-was natural environment.A Voice for Animals Contest.

The contest is supported by a partnership between the Animal Welfare Institute and the Humane Education Network with additional support from the Palo Alto Humane Society. (API is an animal rights group opposed to captive keeping of exotic and wild animals).

For captive big cats, the rate is one fatal mauling per year.

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Wild venomous snakes in . Exotic Animals Are More than Just Pets The exotic animal trade is a growing industry in which exotic animals are bred, sold, and traded in massive amounts. Millions of exotic animals are being kept in private residences, small roadside zoos, and traveling wild animal exhibits.

Essay Exotic Pets, By Lauren Slater owning an exotic pet, such as a tiger or a lion would be fine, since some people view these exotic animals as normal average pets. However, not many Americans take into consideration the effects these exotic animals can cause to humans and to the animals themselves.

I try to help endangered animals as much as I can by protecting the environment through activities such as recycling and planting.


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Thesis and Preview: People should help protect and preserve endangered animals because they are essential to our ecosystem. The Center for Endangered Cats was owned by Craig Wagner and Cynthia Lee Gamble.

Endangering captive exotic cats essay

Craig Wagner of Great Cats World Park, the latest in a series of recent maulings involving captive exotic animals in the state.

Cynthia Lee Gamble, 52, was found in an area connected to the pound tiger’s cage by a small, open gate, Pine County Sheriff.

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