Developing leadership qualities for teaching profession essay

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Developing leadership qualities for teaching profession essay

Teacher leaders assume a wide range of roles to support school and student success. Because teachers can lead in a variety of ways, many teachers can serve as leaders among their peers. So what are some of the leadership options available to teachers? Resource Provider Teachers help their colleagues by sharing instructional resources.

These might include Web sites, instructional materials, readings, or other resources to use with students. They might also share such professional resources as articles, books, lesson or unit plans, and assessment tools. Tinisha becomes a resource provider when she offers to help Carissa, a new staff member in her second career, set up her classroom.

Tinisha gives Carissa extra copies of a number line for her students to use, signs to post on the wall that explain to students how to get help when the teacher is busy, and the grade-level language arts pacing guide.

Instructional Specialist An instructional specialist helps colleagues implement effective teaching strategies. This help might include ideas for differentiating instruction or planning lessons in partnership with fellow teachers. With two English teachers serving as instructional specialists, the science teachers examine a number of lab reports together and identify strengths and weaknesses.

Curriculum Specialist Understanding content standards, how various components of the curriculum link together, and how to use the curriculum in planning instruction and assessment is essential to ensuring consistent curriculum implementation throughout a school.

Curriculum specialists lead teachers to agree on standards, follow the adopted curriculum, use common pacing charts, and develop shared assessments.

Developing leadership qualities for teaching profession essay

Tracy, the world studies team leader, works with the five language arts and five social studies teachers in her school. Using standards in English and social studies as their guides, the team members agree to increase the consistency in their classroom curriculums and administer common assessments.

Tracy suggests that the team develop a common understanding of the standards and agrees to facilitate the development and analysis of common quarterly assessments. Classroom Supporter Classroom supporters work inside classrooms to help teachers implement new ideas, often by demonstrating a lesson, coteaching, or observing and giving feedback.

Yolanda agrees to plan and teach a lesson with Marcia that integrates several relevant strategies. Learning Facilitator Facilitating professional learning opportunities among staff members is another role for teacher leaders. When teachers learn with and from one another, they can focus on what most directly improves student learning.

Such communities of learning can break the norms of isolation present in many schools. The committee can then develop and implement a professional development plan on the basis of their findings. Mentor Serving as a mentor for novice teachers is a common role for teacher leaders.

Mentors serve as role models; acclimate new teachers to a new school; and advise new teachers about instruction, curriculum, procedure, practices, and politics.

Being a mentor takes a great deal of time and expertise and makes a significant contribution to the development of a new professional. Ming is a successful teacher in her own 1st grade classroom, but she has not assumed a leadership role in the school.

The principal asks her to mentor her new teammate, a brand-new teacher and a recent immigrant from the Philippines. Her role as a mentor will not only include helping her teammate negotiate the district, school, and classroom, but will also include acclimating her colleague to the community.

Ming feels proud as she watches her teammate develop into an accomplished teacher.leadership development Be ready to fulfill your potential and master the competencies of effective leadership. These certificate programs will help you build a .

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Application Essay Guidelines. Relate each competency to a personal and/or professional experience.

Developing leadership qualities for teaching profession essay

Include a discussion of why 'leadership', rather than just 'engineering' or 'management', is particularly important in the information security field at this time. Developing Your Leadership Skills. Leadership Essay 1 Leadership Essay ED May 2, ED Behavior in Education: Leadership and School Reform with detailed, impacts my development as a leader as does her intelligence, humanistic demeanor, innovativeness, and drive to challenge the status quo.

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REFLECTIVE ESSAY ON EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP ISSUES – ED () UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC [USP], FIJI ISLANDS Quality Education Delivery What does quality mean in the context of education? A Professional Development Team needs to be instituted and established, at the secondary/tertiary institution, whose specific responsibility.

Embedding Leadership in the Teaching Profession By Brenda Álvarez Four leading education groups brought some of the best and brightest minds from around the country to the National Summit on Teacher Leadership in Washington, D.C.

on Feb. to turn ideas into action and empower more educators to lead their professions.

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