A political science notebook about common terms

But I was completely wrong. They are personal tools for students to process ideas and concepts. The more students interact with the information have multiple senses connected with itthe more they can retain knowledge.

A political science notebook about common terms

Attacking the presenter of an argument rather than the argument itself. Term derived from the then department of Agitation and Propaganda of the Soviet Union. The town square in ancient Greek city states used for political discussions and decision making as well as other activities such as artistic and spiritual gatherings.

Also a concept used in some parliamentary votes where a simple majority of all members present is not enough. Over time the authority of A.

NGOs, Quangos and other organisations which otherwise would have discretionary power over the rights of their members.

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Opposite to the Inquisitorial system where a judge or panel of judges call evidence and interrogate witnesses, as exists in many European countries. Saul Alinsky Described by opponents as an organisational genius, an American political activist, although never aligned with any political party, who, through his book Rules for Radicals, propagated ideas for poor communities to successfully politically organise.

Book is now popular with both sides of the political divide. The opposite of egoism. A party, generally an advocacy group, who is granted permission by an appellate court to be involved in proceedings even though it was not directly involved in the original case. The motivation for the A.

An administration and associated government programs that have been superseded. A variant of preferential voting eliminating the chances of minority candidates winning when too many mainstream candidates run against each other. Australian ballot Original name given to the secret ballot due to the fact it originated there.

Term derived by author O. Henry for a short story involving the fictional Republic of Anchuria. Derived from a fable about a group of mice who decide the best way to be warned when the cat is near is for someone to place a bell around its neck, only to find there are no volunteers to perform that task.

The American state of Nevada is a bellwether state for presidential elections in that, with only one exception, it has voted the same as the whole country for a century. A bellwether is a ram with a bell attached to indicate to the farmer where the flock is when not in sight.

One would be, metaphorical speaking, inside or outside the Beltway. If approved at all stages it then becomes an act and thus law.

Attainder, meaning taintedness, also meant that any party guilty of a capital crime lost all civil rights including property, and if not life, then right to reputation.

A political science notebook about common terms

Still exercised in the 20th century in Australian states where a convicted capital felon, Darcy Dugan, was denied the right to sue for defamation and a dangerous inmate, Gregory Kable, was not released after his full prison term was served due to an act of parliament.

A list of entrenched fundamental human rights as perceived by the declarer. R is deemed to protect the citizenry from the excesses of their rulers. Technically two parties coming together.

A bird dog is a retriever who runs into the bushes and flushes birds out into the open. Term has also been used in US presidential campaign by some players to go well further by inciting violence at opposition campaign rallies. This has the effect of minimising the chances of minority candidates winning seats.Interactive Notebook Examples and Templates I also created a bundle of literature resources to cover all of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for reading.

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Even if your state does not use the CCSS, you can still utilize these resources. Common Core Tips: Using Transitional Words in .

- Political science includes a wide range of topics that attempts to describe and explain the political process, politics, and the relationship among governments. As American citizens we should all be informed and be educated about all these above topics.

Include all constitutive terms in the model specification. non-specialized political science journals (American Journal of Political Science, We believe that these types of mistakes are so common in the literature that analysts should critically re-evaluate, and where necessary re-specify, models employing interaction terms before using.

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Science is simply common sense at its best. ~Thomas Huxley "Science" is one of the most dangerous words in the English language. It suggests the authority of facts, and the reliability of evidence.

Minority Report: H.L. Mencken's Notebook, But in science the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not to the man to whom the. push factor* - A social, political, economic, or environmental force that drives people from a location.

pull factor* - A social, political, economic, or environmental attraction to a new area that draws people from a previous location.

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