A open reflection of gods brilliant painting

Read in another language Ekphrasis "The presence that thus rose so strangely beside the waters, is expressive of what in the ways of a thousand years men had come to desire. Hers is the head upon which all "the ends of the world are come," and the eyelids are a little weary.

A open reflection of gods brilliant painting

November 26, at 2: He is the father of Tutankhamun, the most famous pharaoh. Immediately after he took the throne, he started to commission monumental buildings for the religious centre, this example shows his awareness of the importance of religion in Egypt.

POTAMOI - Greek River-Gods (Roman Flumina)

He developed a way of how god should be honored, this way clearly displays monotheism which was a new thinking at that time period. November 26, at 9: Nowadays, we value individualism.

So that is why he was considered a heretic by many Egyptians after his rule but some modern historians are praising his individualism. November 27, at This can been seen through how Akhenaten was judged by the people in the ancient Egyptian society.

He tended to be different from the old traditional pharaohs, claiming to be a ruler with original ideas. However, the Egyptians could not see Akhenaten as an intelligent pharaoh with his own ways; they saw him as a madman with nothing to prove himself worth it for the throne of Egypt: The ancient Egyptians rejected Akhenaten as a pharaoh, because they thought that they need not a change, and that they were absolutely fine with their temples before Akhenaten.

He changed too many things in a small period of time. Judging from nowadays perspective, many will accept him or even praise him for his individualism. To conclude, this article reflects a major difference between the way a modern society thinks, and the way the ancient Egyptian society thought.

It is clear from your response why some people would praise the individualism of Akhenaten. November 30, at 2: Innovation is often what drives technology forward; yet in ancient civilizations like Egypt, change was rare.

On the road to becoming a modern society, keeping to traditions was definitely one of the most difficult habits to overcome; for instance, many years of revolution and tumultuous change passed before China could almost annihilate traditions like kowtowing and having multiple concubines.

December 8, at 5: November 29, at In the modern days we think differently and value individualism, which is why historians are praising him while the Egyptians considered him as heretic and mad. Many people died at the time, but Akhenaten supported and built a new group of Egyptians, breaking the original thoughts.

A open reflection of gods brilliant painting

He was original with many plans, but his plans may seem rather complicated at that time. December 4, at This shows how Akhenaten tries to strengthen his peoples positive thoughts toward monotheistic religion. Yes, the ancient Egyptians did view him in this way, but why? Why did they dislike this idea so much?

December 5, at 2: But with his efforts of changing the main god of Egypt from Amen-Re to Aten, we can also see he had great determination and bravery. You must also note that this is not simply just the act of changing, it can be viewed by others as an act going against the whole of Egypt.

The only reason that he failed was his plans did not go as well as he expected.

Macedonian Expansion

December 10, at 1: Akhenaten lifted a single god to the highest status and closed off temples worshipping other gods. Egyptians were very closed-minded, and they could not take in new ideas. To the Egyptians, Akhenaten was a madman trying to get rid of the traditional beliefs.

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