1421: the year that america was discovered essay

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1421: the year that america was discovered essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. His place of honor has already been challenged by the Vikings; now, it seems, the Chinese might have beaten him here, as well.

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While many people have heard that the Vikings preceded Columbus, not many have heard that Chinese explorers actually arrived in America a full 70 years before his arrival. Who was the Chinese explorer who reached America so long before Columbus?

Did the Chinese explorers and the European explorers share a common goal? Whether or not they shared a goal, how well did they achieve what they set out to do?

Finally, what were the long term effects that their explorations created? In addition to economic conquest, the Chinese ships were to undertake explorations. Menzies observes that: The great Chinese fleets undertook scientific expeditions the Europeans could not even begin to equal in scale or scope until Captain Cook set sail three and a half centuries later.

These scientific expeditions set the Chinese apart from the Spanish and the Portuguese expeditions.

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In addition, the knowledge of astronomy and the weaponry carried by the Chinese ships were superior to those of the European expeditions, even though they preceded them by decades Menzies, The expedition lasted two and one half years, during which many ships and their crews were lost Menzies,p.

However, evidence exists that the Chinese fleet was successful in circumnavigating the globe.

1421: the year that america was discovered essay

There also exists more circumstantial evidence such as the linguistic, ceremonial and spiritual similarities between the Chinese culture and those of other parts of the world in the fifteenth century. Like the European fleets, the Chinese expedition left permanent effects on the cultures and languages of the places that they visited, through acculturation, sometimes assimilation, and trade.

China had a remarkable culture, able to achieve scientific wonders that would elude the rest of the world for centuries. Evidence exists that the Chinese expedition, which set sail under the command of Zheng He circumnavigated the globe, reaching America in The year China discovered America.

Retrieved 4 Sept from http:The Races of Europe, circa In American Statesman Benjamin Franklin wrote an essay Titled: "America as a Land of Opportunity". As part of that essay, Benjamin Franklin noted the demographics of Europe, the Americas, and Asia, as of his time 1A.

BEAR ISLES AND BEAR ISLAND With the above in mind there appear to be a number of ways that the location of Helluland might be approached, starting with succinct directions provided Nicholas, Abbot of Thingeyre as quoted by Joseph Fischer (The Discoveries of the Norsemen in America with Special Relation to their early Cartographical Presentation, Trans.

Basil H. Soulsby, Burt Franklin, New.

1421: the year that america was discovered essay

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The Year that America was Discovered Essay Sample. There is a children’s rhyme about the discovery of America that begins “In , Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” The fact is, however, that Christopher Columbus may not have actually discovered the North American continent.

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